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  • Marroquín Tovar, Edmundo (Taylor and Francis Inc., 2016)
    Abstract: The main objective of this investigation is to validate a measurement model that identifies the dimensions of inflexibility in organizational decision-making. For this purpose a Confirmatory Factor Analysis was ...
  • Rosellon Díaz, Juan de Dios Enrique (International Association for Energy Economics, 2018)
    Electricity transmission is typically a natural monopoly so that it requires some type of external public intervention to achieve efficiency in its development. Usually, transmission sec¬tors suffer from congestion “traps” ...
  • Briseño Ramírez, Hugo (Instituto Mexicano de Tecnologia del Agua, 2018)
    In Mexico, a process of decentralization of potable water services has been developed. It was considered to be consolidated with the transfer of responsibility from the federal and state spheres to the municipal level. The ...

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