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  • Design and equilibrium control of a force-balanced one-leg mechanism 

    Ponce, Hiram; Acevedo Alvarado, Mario (Springer Verlag, 2018)
    The problem of equilibrium is critical for planning, control, and analysis of legged robot. Control algorithms for legged robots use the equilibrium criteria to avoid falls. The computational efficiency of the equilibrium ...
  • Modeling and control balance design for a new bio-inspired four-legged robot 

    Ponce, Hiram; Acevedo Alvarado, Mario; Morales Olvera, Elizabeth; Díaz Ramos, Gabriel; Mayorga Acosta, Carlos; Martinez-Villaseñor, Lourdes (Springer, 2019)
    Bio-inspired robots have chosen to propose novel developments aiming to inhabit and interact complex and dynamic environments. Bio-inspired four-legged robots, typically inspired on animal locomotion, provide advantages ...