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  • Variables affecting proficiency in english as a second language 

    Santana, Josefina C. (Academic Publishing House Researcher, 2017)
    This study explores different variables leading to proficiency in English as a second language. Level of English on a placement exam taken upon entering a private university in Mexico was correlated to several variables. ...
  • Variables that influence language proficiency in students from public and private high schools in Mexico 

    Eccius-Wellmann, Cristina; Santana, Josefina C. (Asociación Mexicana de Maestros de Inglés MEXTESOL A.C., 2020-05)
    Proficiency in a second language depends on different factors; some of these are individual, while others depend more on the social context where the learning takes place. This article describes a study that examined ...
  • Wetland Ecotourism 

    Santana, Josefina C. (Springer, 2019)
    Wetlands are important ecosystems worldwide that have provided a number of ecosystems services. Ecosystem services are a wide range of social, economic, cultural, and environmental benefits that people receive from ecosystems ...