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dc.contributor.authorMarmolejo-Saucedo, José-Antonio
dc.contributor.authorRodriguez-Aguilar, Roman
dc.contributor.otherCampus Ciudad de Méxicoes
dc.identifier.citationRetana-Blanco, B., Marmolejo-Saucedo, J.-A., Rodriguez-Aguilar, R. y Pedraza-Arroyo, E. (2020). Backbone distribution network design for the mexican automotive industry. En: Vasant, P., Litvinchev, I., Marmolejo-Saucedo, J.-A. … y Martinez, F. (editores), Data analysis and optimization for engineering and computing problems : proceedings of the 3rd EAI International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering and Health Services, (EAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing), (pp. 41-60). Cham : Springer International Publishing. DOI:
dc.description.abstractThe logistics network of an automotive company in Mexico was analyzed to propose a better logistics network in the country to improve delivery times to customers. The analysis was conducted with Greenfield Analysis and Network Optimization. Taking into account the information given by the company, it was possible to obtain optimal scenarios for better operation, which involved the construction of distribution centers in the Hidalgo state in Mexico. © Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020.en
dc.publisherSpringer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbHen
dc.relation.ispartofREPOSITORIO SCRIPTAes
dc.relation.ispartofseriesEAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing;
dc.rightsAcceso Cerradoes
dc.sourceData analysis and optimization for engineering and computing problems : proceedings of the 3rd EAI International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering and Health Servicesen
dc.subjectDynamic simulationen
dc.subjectNetwork optimizationen
dc.subjectSupply chain designen
dc.subjectComputer programmingen
dc.subjectAutomotive companiesen
dc.subjectDelivery timeen
dc.subjectDistribution centersen
dc.subjectGreenfield analysisen
dc.subjectLogistics networken
dc.subjectNetwork optimizationen
dc.subjectComputer scienceen
dc.subject.classificationINGENIERÍA Y TECNOLOGÍAes
dc.titleBackbone distribution network design for the mexican automotive industryen
dc.typeContribución a congresoes
dcterms.bibliographicCitationH.M. Bidhandi, R.M. Yusuff, M.M.H.M. Ahmad, M.R.A. Bakar, Development of a new approach for deterministic supply chain network design. Euro. J. Oper. Res. 198(1), 121–128 (2009).
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dc.description.versionVersión del editores

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